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Ionantha Mexican Air Plant that will flower with the proper care.  This beautiful Vase comes with two air plants that flower in season, pebbles, sand, designer moss purple, golden yellow moss. Todays Special 129.00 plus tax.

Ionanthas are very durable and will last long into the season when appropriate care is given.  We offer a 15 day guarantee.

We will Deliver to local areas for a 25.00 delivery fee.

Give a Ladys Wine Party that teaches how to make a terrarium and give them the gift that keeps on giving.  10 terrarium gift pack kits $289.00  One Week advance notice to schedule party.

$99.00 Adaliah Tilandsia Air plant Terrarium

Choose from a Variety of Beautiful Table settings that will forever impress your guest.

Left to Right are as described

A:  AdaliahTilandsia Terrarium Vase  $129.00

B: Dangling Ball 4 inch Air Vase  $39.00 - $69.00

D: Standard Chantel Vase   $59.00 - $79.00

Purple princess Air Plant in hanging 5 inch globe with glass heart $39.00

We offer Children's hands on projects in the form of a Tote Kit that includes mini vase, pebbles, decorative moss and a mini air plant with a decorative butter fly.  Each kit cost 10.00 for the first 10 Qty.  Each additional 10 more ordered at the same time will benefit from bulk discount to 8.00 for each kit.

This is a beautiful way to involve all children to learn to have a green thumb.  We do offer class room projects for 25 at the rate of 275.00 for Demonstration and Air plant explanation...The kids always seem to have a blast! Each child will take home one kit